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We are eight independent, experienced and multi-cultural therapists offering a range of services in central Geneva including Psychotherapy, Stress and Anger Management, Rolfing, Life Coaching and Sex Therapy. We work with individuals, couples, children and groups.

Sue Cowan
I come to life coaching from a therapeutic background, having studied psychology... more
Leila C-M Lönnroth
I am a certified Stress and Anger Management Counsellor and have a Behavioural Science degree... more
David Schiesher
I am an eclectic and holistic psychotherapist with a clinical social work background... more
Annika Sundell
I practice Rolfing, which is a method of rebalancing a person's alignment through deep tissue manipulation... more
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Sue Cowan, MA - Psychologist and Life Coach

I come to coaching from a therapeutic background, having studied psychology then trained and practised as a Clinical Psychologist in the mental health sector of the NHS in UK for many years. Over the past few years I have completed full and comprehensive coaching training; I am now a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation.

I work in partnership with individuals who are struggling to make changes in their personal or professional lives. I help my clients find clarity, focus, confidence and direction: to access resources they never knew they had, overcome the obstacles holding them back, and move forward with fresh perspectives to live the fulfilled and balanced life they are seeking. My clients include  those seeking greater personal satisfaction and fulfilment, women in transition, and weary workers yearning for improved work-life balance.

Languages: English and German

You can find out more about how I work and who I work with on my website.

Email  Telephone: +41 (0)76 205 5076

Leila C-M Lönnroth, BBSc - Stress and Anger Management Counsellor

I am a certified Stress and Anger Management Counsellor and have a Behavioural Science degree with focus on cross-cultural relations and migration. I am well acquainted with the dynamics of relocation and how international work environments can affect individuals and family dynamics. I work with anger and stress management as well as parenting support.

Anger and stress management is useful when:
·         You are in conflict, for example at work, with your partner, your child or your parent.
·         You have problems expressing your needs and feelings in an assertive and constructive way.
·         When you suffer the consequences of either angry outbursts or bottled-up frustrations.

Learn how to express your needs and feelings in an assertive and healthy way. Empower yourself by setting boundaries. Increase confidence and self esteem.

Languages: English and Swedish.

You are welcome to contact me for more information.

Website  Email   Telephone: +41 (0)22 735 2700 

David C. Schiesher, MSW - Psychotherapist

I have an eclectic and holistic psychotherapy practice. I use a number of approaches depending on the issues and personal characteristics of the client. I primarily use a person-centered, cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approach within the very important context of a therapeutic relationship. I utilize energy psychology methods such as the Release Technique and Emotional Freedom Technique. I use hypnosis, guided imagery and mindfulness when indicated by the person and situation.

As with most Clinical Social Workers, I have a varied and rich work history since 1980, having worked with unaccompanied refugee children and foster parents; special education middle school children, teachers and parents; developmentally disabled adults in a group home setting and adolescents in a psychiatric hospital. My international work experience took me to Albania, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Jordan and three countries in Africa.

I work with adults, young people between the ages of 10 to 17, parents and couples. I enjoy facilitating therapy and support groups with adults, youth and adolescents.

Language: English

Website  Email  Telephone: +41 (0)22 320 26 32

Annika Sundell - Certified Rolfer

I practice Rolfing, which has the ability to rebalance a person's alignment through deep tissue manipulation, movement and perception work. Rolfing can release tensions, alleviate pain as well as restore flexibility, revitalize your energy and leave you feeling more comfortable in your body. Rolfing is a holistic technique that impacts the whole person, physically, emotionally, and energetically. Rolfing is recognized by most complementary insurances.

Languages: French, Swedish, English and German

Website  Email  Telephone: +41 (0)22 320 3672.

Melissa Pollick- MA Counseling

I hold a Master of Counseling degree from Webster University Geneva as well as a Bachelor of Psychology degree from the University of Toledo. My Master’s degree program is certified by the Swiss Association for Counseling. Further, I hold a ‘droit de pratique’ in the canton of Geneva and am an ASCA certified counselor. ASCA is a Swiss association which recognizes non-medical therapies and therefore helps my clients receive insurance reimbursement.

Counseling may be right for you if you are looking for:

   Support during life transitions
   Stress management techniques
   Relationship and social skills improvement
   Anxiety, sadness, and depression relief
   Self-esteem improvement
   Methods to better deal with work and/or school
   Freedom from eating disorders
   A safe space to talk through personal issues

Languages: English, French.

Website   Email   Telephone: +41 77 495 61 52

Melissa Pollick
I have my Masters of Counseling and have been practicing as a counselor since 2011 ... more
Other practitioners working at Henri-Dunant 3 include:

  • Patricia Fisch, a sex therapist, and
  • Marie-Laurence Caudera, a psychological counsellor

Eriko Gavinio - Psychological Counsellor

I am a psychological counsellor, providing child and adult counselling, with background experience as a certified clinical psychologist in Japan.

With my clinical research experience in the field of developmental disorder (ASD) and the training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, I feel passionate about supporting children holistically both in their cognitive and relational growth.

In adult counselling, I address issues of child-rearing, cultural adjustment, and other stress-related difficulties. I apply psychodynamic approach in my practice. This means I value the importance of our inner voices, the unconscious, in order to fully understand the challenges we face and to find our own ways of living them.

I also enjoy working with teachers and professionals who provide support to children. I offer consultations to create safe space and time to think freely together to attain richer understanding of the child who is in the need of our support.

Languages: English, Japanese, French (for young children)

Website   Email    Telephone: +41 (0) 76 465 0117

Eriko Gavinio
I am a Psychological Counsellor, providing child and adult counselling, with background experience as a certified clinical psychologist in Japan...